For the ones in love

A lot of things are making more fun if you do it in pairs. You can shower for example together and as a result reduce your water consumption. But don’t take a bath together! A bathtub uses up to 140 liter of water, a shower only about 40 liter.

For the workaholics

You don’t know what to do to contribute the climate protection, because you are non-stop working every day? Why don’t you try to save paper? With every 5kg of saved paper, you are also saving 150 liters of water for its production. Animate also your collegues!

And don’t work too much, holiday in the nature lets you fill up your energy tanks and you can go round again at your work.

For the sportaholics

If you leave your car in the garage twice a week, you are saving petrol on one hand and on the other hand almost 725kg CO² each year. Just ride the bike, that’s good for the environment and without the stressful rush-hour traffic also good for your nerves.

For the knights of the rose

You have a garden at home? Marvellous. Don’t forget to set up a rain barrel for the watering of your plants and establish compost for the green cuttings and food leftovers. Thereby you produce fertilizer and water for your plants with ease, save money and help the environment.

For the scrimpers

Only buy electrical devices with an identified energy level. With a good power-saving refrigerator you can put up to 100 Euro away for a rainy day each year. And spend it for example on a holiday.

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