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Green Meetings - sustainable & climate-friendly

Sustainable meetings – these two words are more often mentioned during discussions on meetings and seminars. Sustainability is an honorable aim with growing popularity. Obviously there is a significant question: How can the hotelier implement sustainability although he provides a service in an industry depending on mobility?


Climate neutral conference packages

Climate neutral conferences can be booked in all Greenline Hotels. All carbon dioxide emissions, which arise from your event, can be calculated and compensated by supporting an internationally acknowledged climate protection project, supported by ClimatePartner, a leading supplier of climate protection solutions.

The project hydropower in Renun, Indonesia saves 230.000 tons of carbon dioxide every year by producing electricity through hydropower instead of fossil fuels. Furthermore new jobs will be provided, the public health care system will be improved and local schools will be supported. Here you can find more information about this project...

After your meeting you will receive a certificate (PDF), which certifies the compensation of the carbon dioxide emissions. The climate neutrality of your event is transparent and can be viewed online. In order to emphasize your commitment to climate protection you can communicate this compensation during your event.


GreenSign - the Eco-Label of the GreenLine Hotels

All GreenLine meeting hotels are certified by the GreenSign Eco-Label

InfraCert - an institute for sustainable development in the hospitality industry – has developed a unique 5 step concept for more transparency.

Greensign Level1

Sustainable basis

There is a basic approach to comply with the criteria of an environmental sustainability.

Greensign Level2
Sustainability is already initiated

A sound focus on sustainability is in place.

Greensign Level3
Sustainability in an exemplary manner

Basic sustainability concept is implemented in nearly every aspect of the hotel (and practiced by the staff).

Greensign Level4
Sustainability accomplished in an outstanding way

Crucial requirements for sustainability management are fulfilled on an advanced level

Greensign Level5

Sustainability professional

The hotel is an excellent model for environmental responsibility and sustainability




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