• GreenLine Hotels - Für Ihre Nachhaltige Auszeit

    GreenLine Hotels - Für Ihre Nachhaltige Auszeit

For Hoteliers

Our philosophy

VISION - Green - the colour of our future

Environmental sustainability in the hospitality industry is gaining ever greater prominence. Whether it’s about cutting down on waste, conserving resources or advancing sustainability, we believe our responsible behavior will lay down the groundwork for any long-term corporate success.

As the first hotel consultancy and cooperation to focus on sustainability, we feel it is not enough only to be at the vanguard: We are striving to fire up the industry about sustainability awareness. To this end, we are building a future based on sustainable economics for ourselves and our stakeholders.

MISSION - Trailblaze

We are passionate about advancing sustainability at all GreenLine hotels. We encourage our guests toward “green” behavior and resource conservation. The principles of sustainability are cornerstones of our corporate identity. We have built long-term relationships with our suppliers and corporate partners. We are blazing the trail for all those who wish to live and work in ways that protect the planet and save precious resources. We have the know-how and solutions and want to share them with everyone. Our mission is to imbue sustainability awareness in each and every one of our members, employees, suppliers, corporate partners and our guests.

Values - What do we stand for

Hosts with passion

What sets us apart? Each GreenLine hotel is renowned for its personal and individual touch, and yet they share a commonality: they are passionate hosts. GreenLine hotels stand out for their warmth and heartfelt welcome. It is our aspiration every day to create a perfect stay for our guests. With a dedicated staff we are meeting this aim.

Nature Bond

Whether it is in a rural setting or quiet corner of a town, our hotels are always situated near woodlands, meadows or water - GreenLine hotels are bonded to nature.

From the North Sea to Lake Constance and beyond. GreenLine hotels are located throughout the most verdant parts of Germany and neighboring countries.

The world is a turbulent place and people often lead hectic lives. Whenever they could they try to get away from it all. Our guests yearn for rest and relaxation - and no other place holds the restorative effects that only Mother Nature can provide. GreenLine hotels give them the chance.

Rest and Relaxation at their very best

„What ist green R&R ?"

  • Unwinding in a natural surrounding enhances well-being
  • Enhanced well-being improves overall health
  • Improved health leads to a higher quality of life - energy and happiness

GreenLine hotels turn any stay into a memorable experience. Whether it is a spa holiday, family vacation or romantic getaway, guests get to leave the rat race behind and take a “green” respite.


We at GreenLine Hotels assist its member hotels in marketing and increase occupancy. We have many years of experience, wide-ranging know-how of modern day media and an extensive network of suppliers and partners. Our relationships are founded on open communication, mutual trust and absolute reliability.

The GreenLine trademark is a symbol of appreciation and sustainability.

Sustainability Action

Our understanding of environmental sustainability goes beyond standard legal requirements and is based on the three pillars of ecology, economics and society. We are the first hotel consultancy and cooperation to develop its own seal of approval for sustainability. GreenSign is a 5-prong concept composed of Environment, Purchasing, Transportation, Quality Management and Social Responsibility. With GreenSign, we provide each member hotel, employee and guest a transparent and innovative system for a brighter, greener tomorrow.



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